01 gifts with value

This year the holiday season is different. Slower, more intimate, more personal. What if the joy of giving and receiving were combined with the awareness of sustainability? If we could give experience, health, time together - a surprise with real value where real content, outstanding quality, and awareness pervade every part of the festive experience. In 2020, Kristinus Wine Estate, Terra Catering, and Ghraoui Chocolate decided to create a joint campaign for those who would like to give gifts of which we all have the least: attention.

02 Pick your favorite

All of our packages come in a beautiful wooden gift box to make the gifting even more special. For our business gift ideas please click here.

03 sustainability

For us, this place is the center of the world, much more than just a vineyard that produces our wines. We want to give as back much as we can of what we get from it, so sustainability, organic and biodynamic cultivation is the basis of everything at the estate.

04 contact

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