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Florian Zaruba CEO, Estate Manager

Our Wine Estate

“The road to harmony”

Our delightful estate is located on the slopes of the southern shore of Lake Balaton, and has been offering visitors award winning wines since 2005. The Kristine Winery in Kéthely welcomes wine lovers with a gourmet bistro, a custom-designed Vinotel, venues and even a cinema.


"A top quality boutique hotel for comfortable adventures"

The concept of Vinotel, established in the upstairs wing of the central building of the estate in 2016, is based on Lake Balaton and wines. Due to their location on the first floor, our exclusive double rooms offer leisure and relaxation. Admire the picturesque landscape bathed in the light of the morning sun.


“Quality without compromise”

Kristinus Gasztro Bistrot is one of the most extraordinary restaurants in Hungary, where you can choose the wine from the menu and match the food to your wine choice, not other way around. Our seasonal dishes, made mostly of local ingredients, are served in a modern yet cozy setting with majestic wines.


“A new dimension in cinematic experience”

In the first wine cinema of Hungary you can relax in comfortable armchairs and indulge in the finest wines, quality snacks and of course, cinematic masterpieces. Looking for a private cinema experience? Your friends will love Vinocino and our homemade tapioca chips too.

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“Memorable events, great and small”

Whether you are sharing the Kristinus experience with a smaller or larger crowd, our venues provide the perfect environment for corporate and social events. What do our team building events, conferences and weddings have in common?



• Welcome Krisecco• Tápióka chips• Pincelátogatás• 4 féle Kristinus bor• időtartam: 1,5 óra
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• Welcome Krisecco• 4 fogásos menü• Pincelátogatás• 5 féle Kristinus bor• időtartam: 2,5 óra
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• Welcome Krisecco• 3 fogásos menü• Pincelátogatás• 4 féle Kristinus bor• időtartam: 2 óra
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