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"We cultivate healthy grapes in a biodynamic and sustainable way, from which we make unique, individual wines. What helps us to do this? The South Balaton terroir, a heart-soul team, our faith in the region, and a mindset focusing on biodynamics. Our goal is to go one step back: to influence nature's raw materials as little as possible." 

"For us, this place is the center of the world, much more than just a vineyard that produces our wines. We want to give as back much as we can of what we get from it, so sustainability, organic and biodynamic cultivation is the basis of everything at the estate." 

Wines Shop Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10 -16

Sunday: 9 - 11


Tel: +36-85/539-014

8713 Kéthely, Hunyadi utca 99. 

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