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Drawing Edition:Enrich your drawings with annotations. Add comments, insert CAD dimensions, and annotate your drawings with colors and lines. (video: 1:06 min.)Drawing Search:Check your drawings for errors with a few clicks. Perform searches for drawings, attributes, cross-references, and more. Quickly access previous comments, and annotate drawings and text. (video: 1:21 min.)Linking:Leverage existing shared files. Create links to other files on the cloud. AutoCAD links with other files are stored in your project folder.Navigation with dynamic dimension snapping:Make your drawings smarter with Snap to Dimension. Use the dimensions of the selected entities as a guide for dimensioning, and Dynamic Dimension Snapping makes your designs easier to work with.Timeline:Navigate the design or manufacturing process. Manage project schedules and resources with the new Timeline feature.Dependencies and Commenting:Reduce the effort to manage and resolve dependencies in your drawings. Comment drawings, share your design, and collaborate with collaborators by simply selecting dependencies.Extended editing options:Work with greater precision. Reduce accidental changes. Enhance your editing with brush-like navigation, full-screen editing, and tight controls.Edit on the fly:Transform your drawings on the fly. Edit in a variety of drawing directions, layer orientation, and scale mode, on a single drawing.Tight controls:Adjust controls with precision. AutoCAD has always been one of the best-designed and fastest-paced CAD programs on the market. AutoCAD 2023 builds on this foundation to deliver even tighter controls, additional editing options, and a comprehensive navigation experience.Advanced Features:New documentation and tips. Read all about it in our new Help resources.Enhanced user interfaces. Better navigation and ease of use, including new dimension handles.Responsive interfaces. Start drawing with a responsive workspace that fills the available screen. Switch to the background workspace when your design grows too big.Available via the Web:AutoCAD from the cloud. Receive updates for your AutoCAD application while you work, via the Web.In the cloud, everywhere:Work more efficiently on mobile devices. Workspace and workspace- 2be273e24d



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