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Zenit is a Hungarian crossbreed grape variety that inherits subtle
florality from the Bouvier and distinctive acidity from the Ezerjo to
produce a tantalising sparkling wine.

Pétillant Naturel, more commonly known as PETNAT, is the oldest sparkling wine. Made according to the methode ancestral, the wine is bottled before fermentation is complete. The CO2 produced during fermentation remains in the bottle in form of bubbles together with the residual yeast sediment that gives the wine its opalescent appearance. Revealing even more facets upon contact with air, Zenit PETNAT has a complex nose: lime and floral hints reminiscent of spring, grapefruit, ripe yellow apples, apple chips mingling with hints of herbaceous grasses. The intense wine-yeast contact during the winemaking process gives this sparkling wine not only yeasty, rye bread notes but also a silky texture. Its smoothness is subtle, soothing the tongue with a slight creaminess on tasting balances the sparkling wine’s lively acidity and refreshing astringency on a medium finish. If you can’t make it to Lake Balaton in person, enjoy our Zenit as an accompaniment to fried trout or a good lemon and cottage cheese pancake… or as an excellent aperitif to celebrate laughter and life’s little moments on a dock nearest you. Cheers! Egészségedre!

Spontaneously fermented, matured on fine yeast lees in the bottle,
unfiltered and organic.


Zenit Pet-Nat 2020 (BIO)


    VINEYARD(S): Balatonkeresztúr

    CERTIFICATION: EU certified Organic product

    TECHNOLOGY: Methode ancestral


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