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We cultivate our vineyards in a sustainable way with the highest respect for nature and our environment. To show the true and most beautiful face of the healthy, happy fruit and the terroir, we make all our wines with the lowest intervention possible.


Through this low intervention, natural wine, we wanted to show the taste of the sun shining above our vivid vineyards and the fresh, healthy grapes - we aimed to bottle the summer. This orange wine is made from beautiful, hand-picked Chardonnay and fermented on the skin in Amphora for 24 days. After pressing, we blended it with our stunning Szürkebarát orange wine and bottled it without filtration.


Chill it to 12 degrees and make sure you have some friends around to share with. This wine could contain natural sediment, so we recommend shaking it up before opening. 


Liquid Sunshine 2020

  • GRAPE VARIETIE(S): Chardonnay, Szürkebarát 

    VINEYARD(S): Parapli

    CERTIFICATION: Farmed organically without official certification 

    TECHNOLOGY: fermented on skin, matured in oak and amphora 

    ALCOHOL: 13,3% 

    ACIDITY: 4,9%

    RESIDUAL SUGAR: 1,1g/l 

    CHARACTER: juicy orange wine, peach, apricot and kombucha 

    CATEGORY: Natural line

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