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 Low pressure grapevines, carefully selected raw material, partly whole bunch fermentation, longer periods of soaking, 12 months of mellowing in ceramic vessels and unstrained bottling all contribute to the natural likability of this wine. Red, vivid but not so deep, that is what you have in your glass. Your senses will absorb in kindly flattering sweetness and shrill floral & herbal fruitiness. Fresh plum, sour cherry, violet and lavender – with a little salty and dusty character. Small amount of fine tanning that turns into a silky taste in your mouth. Medium body, perfect elegance. 

Holistic Kékfrankos 2020

  • Vineyard: Vári

    Alcohol: 13 v/v%

    Sugar: 0,7 g/l

    Acid: 5,1 g/l

    Horticultural technology: low pressure grapevines yield the raw material that is harvested selectively. After fermentation on skin, it is put into a 350 liter ceramic vessel where it mellows for 12 months. Necessary to mellow red wine, micro-oxidation takes place, while the vessel would not add any extra aromas to it, so those of this wine type can predominate, contrary to mellowing in wooden barrels.

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