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iOS 15: hidden features you need to know

Another year, another new version of iOS. And the great new features announced today will completely change the way you use your iPhone. And it is not only possibility to use scanner to pdf software. But like all new iOS versions, iOS 15 brings a lot of small changes. Little hidden features and upgrades can be missed if you don't know where to look.

Lost iPhone Tracking

Find My iPhone is a great way to track a lost device. But if someone steals your iPhone, all you have to do is turn it off and turn off tracking. Find My can show the last location of your device (if enabled in settings), but it's not very useful.

In IOS 15, a powered-down iPhone goes into an ultra-power-saving mode that keeps Bluetooth signals active, effectively turning the iPhone into an AirTag.

And under the "Slide to power off" interface, there is a small message "This iPhone appeared after power off".

Disable night mode

Night camera apps on modern iPhones tend to be great. It can completely transform dark images.

Night mode is automatically activated when the camera application detects a dark scene. You need to press the night mode indicator and then slide the timer to zero seconds.

If you wait a while before taking a new photo, the connection will be automatically restored.

In iOS 15, you can (among other things) save your night settings by going to Settings > Camera > Save Settings. When you turn on night mode, it remembers when you turned it off and won't turn it back on. If you want to record in night mode, you can activate it yourself by clicking the night mode indicator manually. but it is not in the iPhone's default video player. In iOS 15, the default player (used by many online videos and many apps) has playback speed. When playing videos, you can click the drop-down menu (three dots) in the lower right corner to choose up to five different playback speeds.

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