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Enrollment in online vocational education programs is declining rapidly in Onondaga County and could continue to slide through 2000. Experts are pointing at a decrease in the essays for sale total number of high school students; at the Regents Action Plan, which requires students to take more liberal arts classes; and at parents who expect their children to become doctors and lawyers instead of dental assistants and mechanics. The state Department of Education plans to present a report to the Board of Regents Thursday outlining the causes of declining enrollment and recommending solutions.

"This year we're looking at serving 15 percent of the high school population," said Steven M. Grossman, assistant superintendent for programs at the local Board of Cooperative Educational Services. "We used to serve 18 percent." Grossman said part of the reason for the drop in pay someone to write your essay students is the decline in high school enrollment. He also said students have a hard time meeting both occupational education and increasing Regents requirements. "Students are finding they don't have enough periods in a day to accommodate both," Grossman said.

"The Regents Action Plan is really a slap in the face to the college homework help working man of New York State," said John L. Vinal, chairman of the Online Education program at the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES. "That really limits the scope of what children can take in high school."

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