Classic reductive Sauvignon Blanc with its best properties. In its scent, we immediately feel the typical scent of fresh cut grass, but later, Mediterranean fruitiness also appears. It also brings the expected citrus notes in its taste, with crispy acids. Overall, a fresh, vibrant wine. Recommended for fish dishes, spicy Mediterranean salads. 100% Sauvignon blanc, made from yield-restricted raw material (40q / ha), with an early harvest, rather in accordance with the New World style. After a short maceration on skin, there is a relatively cold fermentation in order to preserve the primary aromas from the grapes. Blending of two different fermentation technologies. 

Sauvignon Blanc Selection 2019

  • Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc 

    Residual sugar: 1.4 g

    Total acidity: 7.5 g