PETNAT, the ancient champagne.

Going back to the roots of winemaking, we can get to the way of

making PETNAT. PETNAT is a wine that is bottled before the end of fermentation. During the fermentation process, the natural sugar in the must is converted into alcohol and as a result of this process, CO2 appears in our wine. Our Petnat is made from quality, handpicked Muscat Lunel, skipping the step of degorging. When pouring the wine from the bottle, you will immediately noticethe lively foam and the buttery, yeasty scent. It is opaque yellow in a ppearance.It has an extremely fresh scent with floral, and over time fruity notes with the fragrance of peach. We can also notice some mild honey, which promises an exciting item. The seductive scent is followed by a very intense taste, it is very dynamic from the fresh acids. It is characterized by sour citrus, yellow-fleshed fruits before they are ripe, a creamy texture and butteriness. The dense but tiny bubbles blend in with the flavour and add a nice touch. We recommend it as an appetizer, and it goes well with cheese dishes and creamy dishes. We are growing our wines respectfully with the practical aspects of ecological and biodynamic farming. Our labels are made on Pri Tree-Free paper (100% Cotton).

Pet-Nat 2019

  • Variety: Muscat Lunel 100%

    Total acidity: 7,6 g/l

    Alcohol 11 %

    Residual sugar 0,5 g/l

    Technology: Stainless steel, early harvest