Medium deep ruby red, and hopefully cooled gently, this wine is to show how it can be liked and what potential lies in its vineyard. No need to head for the Loire Valley, if you wish to encounter the grace of Cabernet Franc. The low pressure grapevines of the Vári Vineyard in Kéthely, the sunshine of the southern Lake Balaton region, the pool breezes, the loessial soil and all year round horticultural care can astonish everyone over and over again. Clear odor filled with cherry, sour cherry, fresh strawberry, dried chili paprika with lovage underpainted with its materiality. When tasted, you will savor its tinted fruity character already known by its odor – the end of each sip is paired with peduncular bitterness somewhat refreshing. Partly fermented with whole bunches of grape, it is a peachy wine with good proportions bottled unstrained: in addition to its nice acids, it can fill your mouth at the same time remain full with a splash of tannin. It is a very likeable wine that makes to drink itself. It is recommended for stewed pork, seasoned hard cheese or crispy roasted lamb.

Holistic Cabernet Franc 2018

  • Vineyard: Vári

    Vintage: NOV 3, 2018

    Alcohol : 13v/v%

    Sugar : 1 g/l

    Acid : 4,7 g/l

    Horticultural technology: low pressure grapevines yield the raw material that is harvested selectively. After fermentation on skin, it is put into a 350 liter ceramic vessel where it mellows for 12 months. Necessary to mellow red wine, micro-oxidation takes place, while the vessel would not add any extra aromas to it, so those of this wine type can predominate, contrary to mellowing in wooden barrels.