Liquid Sunshine + Liquid Sundowner + Wooden box


Sunshine in the bottle. Can you imagine a better present than the pure summer preserved in these two unique wines? Long sips, orange blossom and apricot. For everyone who likes to taste, experience and explore! Now with a special wooden box!  


Liquid Sunshine: 

Through this low intervention, natural wine, we wanted to show the taste of the sun shining above our vivid vineyards and the fresh, healthy grapes - we aimed to bottle the summer. This orange wine is made from beautiful, hand-picked Chardonnay and fermented on the skin in Amphora for 24 days. After pressing, we blended it with our stunning Szürkebarát orange wine and bottled it without filtration.



Liquid Sundowner: 

Sundowner means a drink that you enjoy in the late afternoon, around those few minutes when the sun disappears behind the horizon - a feeling that reminds us of this complex and structured orange wine. Made from hand-picked Tramini, Olaszrizling, Szürkebarát and Chardonnay, fermented spontaneously on the skin and aged on lees for 6 months partly in amphora, partly in used, big barrels. Unfiltered, low intervention natural wine. 

Holiday Package - Sunny

  • 1 bottle Liquid Sunshine 2020

    1 bottle Liquid Sundowner 2020 

    1 wooden gift box