Róka rozé +Liquid Sunshine + Liquid Sundowner + Samutra + Kékfrankos + Chardonnay Parapli + Wooden box

Beautiful selection of our colourful natural wines! Perfect gift to impress and to explore! Now with an extra wooden box for six bottles. 


Róka rozé

Bone dry, this full-bodied wine is surprisingly light and viscous and with a bit of time to develop in the glass, you’ll see just what a cunning fox it is! Light smokiness and hints of gunpowder fill the nose before revealing a lively palate of ripe strawberries, rhubarb and juicy peaches. 


Liquid Sunshine

Through this low intervention, natural wine, we wanted to show the taste of the sun shining above our vivid vineyards and the fresh, healthy grapes - we aimed to bottle the summer. This orange wine is made from beautiful, hand-picked Chardonnay and fermented on the skin in Amphora for 24 days. After pressing, we blended it with our stunning Szürkebarát orange wine and bottled it without filtration.


Liquid Sundowner

Sundowner means a drink that you enjoy in the late afternoon, around those few minutes when the sun disappears behind the horizon - a feeling that reminds us of this complex and structured orange wine. Made from hand-picked Tramini, Olaszrizling, Szürkebarát and Chardonnay, fermented spontaneously on the skin and aged on lees for 6 months partly in amphora, partly in used, big barrels. Unfiltered, low intervention natural wine. 



Muscat Lunel was destemmed and crushed and tank fermented spontaneously. Unfined, natural cold settling, 3 months on the heavy lees, 2 more months on the fine lees, lees stirring was employed once a week until the finish of MLF and once every second week after MLF. Traminer partly full bunch fermented in the tank and partly crushed, and destemmed berries. 18 days on the skin, then pressed and racked on the heavy lees to clayver vessels. Aged 6 months in the clayver, where the wine underwent a daily rotation. The two parts were blended before an unfiltered bottling.



Vibrant and smooth, organically farmed kékfrankos made with low intervention. Fermented spontaneously, lightly pressed and spent only 10 months in big oak barrels to keep the freshness and the unique spiciness of the variety. Juicy with such an easy drinkability, also fits for the warmer seasons. 



Chardonnay Parapli

Destemmed and crushed berries, 4 hours on the skin while pressing. Major part fermented in the stainless (80%), and the rest was barrel fermented in used 500 l Hungarian oak. Unfined, natural cold settling, 3 months on the heavy lees, 3 more months on the fine lees, lees stirring was employed once a week

Holiday Package - 6 Pack

  • 1 bottle Róka rozé 2020

    1 bottle Liquid Sunshine 2020

    1 bottle Liquid Sundowner 2020 

    1 bottle Samutra 2020

    1 bottle Kékfrankos 2019

    1 bottle Chardonnay Parapli 2020 

    Wooden box