We cultivate our vineyards in a sustainable way with the highest respect for nature and our environment. In order to show the true and most beautiful face of the healthy, happy fruit and the terroir, we make all our wines with the lowest intervention possible.


Just to make sure: this is a white wine, made from 100% red Kékfrankos with the most gentle pressing possible which results in this stunning light colour and such a unique character. Picked early in the morning to avoid even the smallest oxidation and keep the refreshing acidity and all it’s vivid and crispy notes. Spontaneous fermentation on fine lees, light filtration, low sulphur. Pleasant to drink, easy to fall in love with! 


Chill it to 9 degrees and make sure you have some friends around to share with. This wine could contain natural sediment, so we recommend shaking it up before opening. Vin Naturel

Blanc de Bleu Kékfrankos 2020

  • GRAPE VARIETIE(S): Kékfrankos


    CERTIFICATION: Farmed organically without official organic certification

    TECHNOLOGY: Directly and gently pressed Kékfrankos 

    ALCOHOL: 13,5%



    CHARACTER: light bodied, juicy, fresh and crispy WHITE wine made from Kékfrankos

    CATEGORY: Natural line