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Pet-Nat aka. Petillant Naturell made from 100% organically farmed Zöldveltelini. 
We chose Zöldveltelini, a fresh and vivid regional variety as the base
of this handcrafted natural Pet-Nat made with Method Ancestral. The
essence of this technique is that after a few hours of skin contact the fermenting
juice is bottled, thanks to which we find these fine, natural bubbles in our glass.
Open carefully! Chill it well before popping and make sure you have some glasses
ready (and maybe some friends to share with).

Ancestral Zöldveltelini Pet-Nat

  • GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Zöldveltelini 

    VINEYARD(S): Vári dűlő

    CERTIFICATION: Uncertified, organically farmed