2017. 11. 27

Lifelong hunting experience at Kristinus

“Hunting with those who share the same passion. Safe in the knowledge that the people at our side are true companions and dear friends who know what makes chasing game a lifelong experience. We are hunters ourselves and we know these hunting grounds well, as our vineyards and partner, the Somogyi Magor Hunting Association, is a part of this stretch of unique, unspoiled wilderness, one of the finest in the world. We are pleased to welcome you at our hotel, share the thrills of our 6,000 hectare hunting grounds and enjoy a glass of wine in celebration of the felled game at our fine dining restaurant.” - Florian Zaruba, Chief Executive Director

Vadasz csomag angol
Vadasz csomag angol

Our services

Our basic services include tasting of fine wines and winery tours. Taste the Kristinus wine specialties in our own winery! Learn about the stages of winemaking, the secrets of reductive and barrique wines and let our wine specialist introduce you to the world of crisp acidity and smooth tannins.

In addition, we can arrange carriage rides, golf, bike rental, canoe tours of Nagyberek and transfers to nearby attractions and baths. The winery is pleased to put its ‘Kristinus Bus’ at the disposal of its guests.