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Kéthely, Hunyadi utca 99.
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Our Charity Cross-Country Running will be organized in 2019 again!

Exact date: Saturday 21.09. 2019.

Running distances: 5K – 10K – 21K

Charity cross-country running on the slopes of Kristinus Wine Estate

A refreshing event for your body and soul, providing a rich selection of activities for all age groups.

The run of Kristinus does not only target sportsmen, but also those longing for entertainment, relaxation, who find joy in listening to music, special food and wine. With our special package offers we ensure that everyone could utilize our discounts as per their interest.


|RUN |

Race categories: 5 km, 10 km, 21 km

Level difference of 5 km distance: 81 m

Level difference of 10 km distance: 173 m

Level difference of 21 km distance: 182 m