Valentine’s Day at Kristinus Wine Estate

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Kristinus Borbirtok

Valentine’s Day – A day about you, the ones who are in love

On February 16, we will wait for you with various experiences in the spirit of love.

We will expect you with intoxicating chocolate and wine tasting, love menu, love potion and romantic movies.


Welcome, arrival

Wine and chocolate tasting (3 types of Kristinus wine and 3 handmade pralines) + wine cellar visit

Vinocino – Chocolat movie

200 ml wine or soft drink and the tapioca chips are included in the price.

We await our guests with cosily set tables

3-Course Wine Dinner Offer:

Celery Crème Soup, Gravlax Salmon, Roasted Avocado

Rosé Duck Breast, Brioche Balls, Cauliflower Puree, Roasted Carrots, Tonka Bean Jus

„Floating Islands”, Cinnamon Sour Cherry Sorbet

Our package offer:

In case of taking part in all three programs, the price is HUF 14,990/ person instead of HUF 17,470/person

For more information about the ticket purchase, please contact us via the email address or in person on the Kristinus Wine Estate.