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This year our wine estate will be attending several wine shows and cultural events to showcase the Kristinus wines. In addition, we will also host our own events as well. The wine and culture have found each other! The agreement between Kristinus Wine Estate and Kultkikötő brings talk shows, concerts and various cultural programs this year to Kéthely. 

Wine tasting

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2019
Kristinus Borbirtok
egész évben

Wine tasting packages:

Estate: - Welcome wine

               - Tapioca chips

               - Cellar visit

               - 4 kinds of Kristinus wine

               - duration: 1.5 hours Price: HUF 3.490

  Pelso: - Welcome wine

              - Craft snacks

              - Cellar visit

              - 4 kinds of Kristinus wine

              - Duration: 1.5 hours Price: HUF 5.990

Vineyard: - Welcome wine

            - 3 course meal

            - Cellar visit

            - 4 kinds of Kristinus wine

            - Duration: 3 hours Price: HUF 10.990

Evolution: - Welcome wine

                    - 4-course menu

                    - Cellar visit

                    - 5 kinds of Kristinus wine

                    - Duration: 3 hours Price: HUF 14,990

Date of cellar visit: 11:00, 15:00, 17:30

We reserve the right to change the program!

Kristinus Vineyard Picnic

Kéthely, Hunyadi utca 99.
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Parapli vineyard and its relaxing atmosphere welcomes wine and dog lovers to enjoy an idyllic outdoor picnic.

Location: Parapli vineyard

(Transfer is available from Kristinus Wine Estate.)


Finger food, Fruits and best of specialties by Kristinus Gastro Bistrot


Award-winning Kristinus wine selection and refreshments


The music repertoire is provided by Dj Nestor


Common dog walking and vineyard tour

12:00- 3 course lunch in our Gastro Bistrot

14:00- Picnic 9.990 HUF

+ Dog Surprise Package

Lunch + Picnic 14 990 HUF

Ticket purchase:

Kristinus Borbirtok

Unser Charity Cross-Country-Laufen findet 2019 statt!

Das genaue Datum: 21.09.2014.

Laufstrecke: 5K - 10K - 21K

Weitere Details in Kürze! Wenn Sie sie nicht verpassen möchten, melden Sie sich bitte bei Facebook, damit Sie über die wichtigsten Entwicklungen informiert sind! :)